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Naas_Golf_Club_FoundersNaas Golf Club, or Co.Kildare Golf Club as it was known up to 1966, had four homes before finally arriving at the present site at Kerdiffstown. It was founded in 1896 when four local gentlemen, Mr.G.Mansfield, Mr J.S.Shannon, Mr E.J.Grey and Mr.P.J.McCann, got together and leased land at Halverstown. The lease was a short one and the rent was £6 per year. Mr.Shannon was elected Secretary and also acted as Greenkeeper.

In 1900 the club moved to the lands of Decoy Farm near Osberstown. The course (in which the landowner would not permit bunkering) was laid out by George Coburn. It was 3,170 yards in length (considered a long course at the time) and the bogey (par) was 42. A Clubhouse was provided and the services of a Professional (McGlue from Portmarnock) were acquired.

In 1911, as the lease at Decoy was expiring, a new course (or links as it was known) was acquired at Oldtown Naas. It was known as ‘The Knocks‘. The course was laid out by Mr. Pickeman (founder and Hon Sec of Portmarnock Golf Club). It measured 2,700 yards and the bogey was 38. The services of a club Professional (Holley from Portmarnock) were secured. Annual Subscriptions were fixed at 30 Shillings for men and 10 shillings for ladies. In 1912 the ladies formed a branch of their own.

In 1922, as the lease of The Knocks was coming to an end, land for a new course was acquired at Monread on a 21 year lease. The course was laid out by Mr Cecil Barcroft and was very highly rated (‘course review’ done by The Irish Times - 30-11-1922). The Clubhouse, built of galvanised metal and lined with wood, was transferred from ’The Knocks’. During the ‘Monread’ period membership greatly increased and with the advent of motor cars members were joining from as far afield as Dublin. It was during this time also that the club first engaged in G.U.I.Competitions. In 1933 the Club took part for the first time in the Barton Cup and won it in 1933, 1934, and 1959.

In 1940 the Club purchased about 67 acres of land at Kerdiffstown from the Land Commission and the layout and construction of a nine hole course (now essentially the second nine of the present course) was carried out by Mr.John Rourke (County Surveyer). The course was officially opened on 8th of June 1941 and quickly earned a reputation as one of the best nine hole courses in the Country. In 1989 further land at Kerdiffstown (approx 50 acres) was purchased from the Frederick Ozanam Trust Incl. This enabled the course, designed by Mr.Arthur Spring, to be extended to a full eighteen holes. It was officially opened by Mr Liam Reidy (President, Golfing Union of Ireland) on Saturday 20th June 1992.

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