Hole by Hole
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  • Hole 1
    Hole 1

    Pro Tip: Long hitters will go right of the big tree, safe line is left

  • Hole 2
    Hole 2

    Pro Tip: Trouble off the tee left and right, a big green that will test your putter.

  • Hole 3
    Hole 3

    Pro Tip: Don’t be short; favour the left side of the green.

  • Hole 4
    Hole 4

    Pro Tip: Good driving hole, if pin is in the middle or at the back, make sure you are above the valley at the front of the green.

  • Hole 5
    Hole 5

    Pro Tip: A long drive towards the left side of the fairway will leave a clear second shot.

  • Hole 6
    Hole 6

    Pro Tip: There is some hidden ground between fairway bunker and front of the green.

  • Hole 8
    Hole 8

    Pro Tip: Be sure of the wind direction here, birdie chance!

  • Hole 9
    Hole 9

    Pro Tip: Fairway bunkers to be avoided. Second shot must be below the hole.

  • Hole 10
    Hole 10

    Pro Tip: Great par 3, as you see it, will test the best.

  • Hole 11
    Hole 11

    Pro Tip: Beautiful hole, a well hit tee shot should run to the bottom of the hill.

  • Hole 12
    Hole 12

    Pro Tip: Long drive up the left side of the fairway is best.

  • Hole 13
    Hole 13

    Pro Tip: Be careful with approach shot, this green is difficult to find.

  • Hole 14
    Hole 14

    Pro Tip: Superb par 3. Be up.

  • Hole 15
    Hole 15

    Pro Tip: Bunkers everywhere, take nothing for granted here until it’s in the hole!

  • Hole 16
    Hole 16

    Pro Tip: Great driving hole. Sometimes best to play as a par 5. Even if you can get past the fur trees the second shot needs to be safe.

  • Hole 17
    Hole 17

    Pro Tip: Try not to think about it!!

  • Hole 18
    Hole 18

    Pro Tip: After the previous two holes the final hole may offer an opportunity. Fairway bunkers need to be avoided with second shot.

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